Harry Cook

Harry did not realise his passion for music until after high school where he decided to make a move into the entertainment scene. His career kicked off at the age of nineteen when he entered and won a DJ competition in 2011 at The Cube Hotel in Toowoomba. Harry’s career within Toowoomba also saw him playing at other venues such as the Shamrock and Gladstone Hotels along with many private functions and parties.

The Toowoomba Council also hired Harry for some outdoor underage parties and school functions from 2011-2012. Performing in many different environments and venues has given him great experience in his career as a DJ. Since then Harry made the move to the Gold Coast, and joined the Recharge Team in late 2013 to continue his successful career in entertainment as an enthusiastic DJ. This has seen him play in many of our venues including iconic venues such as the Racehorse Hotel, The Regatta, Parkwood Tavern and Forest Lake.

Harry feels comfortable mixing and performing with almost any genre of music and aims to please any crowd he is faced with. His favourite and strongest genres include House, Dutch House and Progressive House, but he says “Being a Disc Jockey is not about playing one genre of music because it is all about the crowd”.

Harry has only recently tried his hand with the production of his own music and remix’s, and in the last six months has been looking to perfect these skills.

Harry Cook

“Being a DJ is all about the crowd”