DJ Thrump

While working as a bartender in one of the Jindabyne Ski Resorts, Wade was mesmerised by the resident DJ they had in. He couldn’t resist the urge and ended up talking to him about what he was doing. It wasn’t long before Wade was learning from him. He picked it up quickly and bought his own decks virtually straight away. DJ Thrump was here…. and here to stay!

A chance meeting with a Your Group staff member gave him a opportunity to gain valuable exposure. From Dj work, to radio production, to house parties and playing at all of their festivals, Dj Thrump quickly gained a “following”.

He had the itch and was about to go places fast. His first competition was  at Komune on the Gold Coast. His manager found out about this and impressed him so much that he was offered the opening set for “DJ’s from Mars”. “That was one awesome night” according to Dj Thrump.

Shortly after moving to Toowoomba, DJ Thrump entered a DJ comp at The Cube. After placing a very respectable 2nd, he was immediately given other opportunities. This saw him playing in such venues as Agenda, The Criterion, The Carnival of Flowers, The Beat, and even back at The Cube.

2015 saw him entering “Your Shot” making it right through to the finals.

DJ Thrump is a proud member of the Recharge DJ’s team who can fit in just about anywhere. A regular at The Russell Tavern, DJ Thrump keeps the crowd pumping all night long.

DJ Thrump

Get ready to go off!!