Tired of boring old Karaoke?

Room-for-groups-300x225Recharge Karaoke/DJ – A Fresh Approach, Making it Fun Again!

Recharge DJ’s now have a newly invigorated Karaoke/DJ product to offer our customers. The product works with our DJ’s using Karaoke content in our existing DJ systems, to create a balance between Karaoke and DJ music. We have the ability to move seamlessly from Karaoke to DJ and back again. This keeps the atmosphere going while patrons are choosing their songs from the supplied songbook or online with their smart phones. It’s a full DJ system too – not just background music on “shuffle”.

Your existing Karaoke only got old music content??

Recharge Karaoke/DJ guarantees the latest big releases and a full library of new and classic crowd pleasing tracks. This library is growing constantly, seeking to fulfil your patrons’ dreams of stardom. We’ve “hand picked” the content to make sure of the variety, and so it has the right tracks rather than a bunch of “fillers”. We also list all of our tracks available on our website. Your patrons can use their phones to browse our lists if all of the books in the venue are being used. They can even search for their favourite songs during the week, so they can come back on the weekend fully prepared.

Getting the Karaoke/DJ Music balance correct

Karaoke-DJ-blendedOur DJ’s will apply the correct levels of Karaoke and DJ music entertainment to get the balance right. Our DJ’s will structure the entertainment based on the demands for either product. This works particularly well in any environment where the crowd may be older to start with, then younger patrons coming in later on, looking for late night entertainment!
We can start the night with one product and change at a set time, change between the products when it feels right, or even swap back and forth as often or as little as you like. And because they are both running through the same system, the transition between them is seamless!

Tired of the same thing every weekend?

Unlike typical Karaoke providers, our DJ’s DO NOT sing. This means you won’t hear the same old songs in the same old tone done by the same old host when the patrons aren’t singing. Instead of taking over the microphone and making it “all about the host’s solo career”, our DJ’s will play the tracks to keep your patrons entertained for as long as they want. The whole idea is to bring the FUN back into it!!

Whether you sing like Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Michael Bublé or Michael Cain, it’s all about having fun!

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