Venue Consultancy

Is your venue operating at it’s best?

Does your venue need improvement but you are not sure what’s wrong?

Venue Consultancy - lighting checkIf you’ve “tried everything” and still can’t seem to build your venue, then why not utilise the expertise of The Recharge DJ Group.
The Directors of Recharge DJ’s have a combined experience of over 35 years in the “Club Scene”.
Time and time again we’ve seen venue mangers and owners who just can’t seem to find that right formula.
They run a fantastic bar and even a bistro or restaurant – but don’t get the entertainment right, or sometimes they just don’t know what is wrong.
Some of our clients have even said to us – “We’ve hired a DJ who said he knows what he is doing, so we just go with what he says”, or “Our DJ dictates to us what he wants and we have no option but to go with it”.
So many times the managers just don’t know why it isn’t working and just need things to be looked at from a different perspective.

Venue Consultancy - Crowd monitoringWe offer a consultancy service

We can help to get your entertainment right. If you would like to benefit from our knowledge and expertise, you can just hire us for one night only.

Our consultancy service includes us spending a night checking out your venue and your competitors.

We’ll examine everything, including your entertainment, security, staff, lighting, sound, and even things like drink prices and cover charges.


We’ll create a detailed report for you including –

  • What you are doing right
  • Ways to improve
  • Information on your entertainment
  • Recommended music direction
  • Things your competitors are doing better
  • Things you are doing better than your competitors
  • Patron numbers
  • Atmosphere – including sound and lighting
  • General observations and ways to improve

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