Hotel Entertainment

Recharge DJ’s – hotel entertainment specialists.

Our products can cater for all of your Disc Jockey requirements.

The Recharge DJ Group has put the systems and controls in place to ensure our DJ’s all follow a standardised format, ensuring a consistent product is delivered to our clients. The Recharge DJ Group can even assist with event marketing requirements, promoting your venue to the community and bringing in a crowd of patrons. The Recharge Group also utilises a membership database from it’s own website and social networking media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The music program Recharge DJ’s play is specifically tailored to meet your venue requirements – from the time when music was at its best, right through to a full club program, we play what you need. In a number of venues, Recharge DJ’s play with, or supports, live entertainment.

The team at Recharge DJ’s know how to fill a venue and have been doing it for many years. Check out our team here.

Unlike some DJ’s, our DJ’s will follow a music brief.

Have you ever heard of a DJ who just plays what they want, rather then what you have instructed them to play? Our clients don’t experience this challenge.

The Recharge DJ Group’s current clients are recording a significant increase in the number of private functions since engaging our services – specifically requesting Recharge DJ’s as their entertainment choice. There has also been a noted increase in trading hours and bar trade due to the entertainment The Recharge Group provides.

Looking for that “something special”?.

Our systems have the ability to play the video clips throughout your venue. Get the added visual effect! Not only can we play the video clip to match the song, we can add digital advertising, slide shows, and even text on the screens. You can show the photos of patrons you took last week, advertise the next special event, promote your current specials, and even send direct messages to your patrons in real time.

Our DJs are hand selected from the best DJ talent in Australia and abroad. Our operating model allows our clients to remove the headaches of DJ management so they can concentrate in running the other areas of their business.

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