DJ AJAY was hooked into music at the age of four whilst playing his mini drum kit along with the Muppet’s iconic “Animal” and whenever “Countdown” was on. Having guitar lessons after school and playing drums for fun, the music bug bit hard and the hunger for more was over whelming. An Interest in technology and the introduction to computers and music was a match made in heaven for DJ AJAY and he started to immerse himself into MIDI, sampling and sound production in the 90’s.

The love of performing live led to Digital DJ’ing in between his live band sets and getting involved in sound to create an atmosphere that would please a large crowd.

Originally from NSW, DJ AJAY continues to perform live throughout Queensland in a variety of musical situations in many different venues. He has now gained over twenty years experience as a professional musician and DJ with Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands and Theatre Productions. He’s also constantly writing, recording, producing and engineering a variety of music projects and pre-productions across many genres.

DJ AJAY’s vision is to give music and share the love of music with others. He has a passion for helping others enjoy their life with music by playing, performing and living for the love of music.

After gaining valuable training from some of the best DJ’s in the industry, DJ AJAY joins the Recharge DJ’s team. Keep an eye out for him – you can be sure you’ll have a great night out.

DJ AJAY – creating a life Soundtrack!