DJ Soli B

DJ Soli B found his passion for music from a young age playing several instruments and even playing in bands.

He started his DJ career in Sydney after jumping on a friend’s Technics. After picking it up really quickly, Soli B decided he wanted to make a living doing this and it all took off from there. He started out just like most other DJ’s – playing at parties before stepping into the nightclub scene.

“My mentor has to be the late Adrian Thomas (Ajax) who I had the pleasure of playing along side of.”

A DJ in demand, Soli B has supported such acts as John Course, Alex Mac, DJ Kronic, DJ Femme and Joel Turner.

This is one talented DJ who has been seen in such venues as Lala Land, Coco Mangas, Cheeky Monkeys, One Nightclub, Mary G’s and Art House.

DJ Soli B

He has found a home with Recharge DJ’s and continues to share his passion for music with the crowds.