Have you seen our Video Booth?

Recently, many Brides and Grooms have been booking our Wedding DJ services and including our video options. And it is proving to be extremely popular amongst their guests! Basically the whole front of our DJ booth becomes a huge video screen. This is completely unique to Recharge DJ’s.

Prior to their wedding, couples have sent us photos to be displayed. When they have walked in to their reception, a slide with their names has been displayed and as soon as they sit down, it starts up with a slide show of photos they have provided. Guests have enjoyed background music perfectly suited to their dinner whilst being able to share in the lives of the Bride and Groom.

Wedding setup at BCEC

During the course of the wedding, we have been able to obtain some of the wedding photos from their photographer. This means that halfway through dinner, they have been able to watch a slide show of the events that took place a matter of hours earlier!

Later on in the night when it is dancing time, not only have they had a professional wedding DJ keeping the dance floor going all night, they have also had the video clips for the songs showing on our screen. Whether it’s Uptown Funk, or some of the timeless classics, the added visual element has amazed the newlyweds and guests alike.

We are looking forward to the next wedding booked, as they have even got video messages from overseas relatives that we will play during the speeches – it’s come a long way since the old days of the “Telegram”! One of our future Brides is even pre-recording speeches – now that is forward thinking!

Visit from Elvis

It’s not just “all show” either. One of our recent clients had this to say – “We recently used Recharge DJ’s for our wedding reception. We have nothing but positive things to say. They did a great job in creating a magical, unforgettable night for us!”

Of course all of this is completely exclusive to Recharge DJ’s. The video booth is custom designed, engineered, and built by us. As a result, not only can we not find any other Brisbane DJ’s doing the same thing, we can’t find any other wedding DJ’s doing this anywhere in the world. We’ve even had a recent visit from The King himself!