DJ Dbl-A

From an Early age DJ Dbl-A was interested in music.  Starting with the basics at school in the UK – trumpet, keyboard, drums and making noise which he claimed to be music.

Through college the band thing took off!….. OK, maybe it didn’t take off. But as the case may be, music still played a big part in his life.

Inspired by the broadcast DJ’s and music enthusiasts, he followed the music scene closely and finally decided to take up DJ’ing after moving to Australia.

Very quickly went from DJ Hobbiest to popular online DJ in many social medium outlets, covering all genres across any age.

Since then Dbl-A has been heard on local FM radio here in Australia. DJ Dbl-A has proven himself to be extremely versatile. As a result you’ll find him playing in most of our venues and making regular appearances at weddings and private functions.

Constantly learning and seeking to improve, DJ Dbl-A loves to make a crowd roar and thrives of the sound of a crowd.

Alan is an important part of Recharge DJ’s as he is also our Operations Manager.

DJ Dbl-A

DJ Dbl-A
The passion is to entertain!