Mitch ‘Slavo’ went through school with a massive appreciation for music. Although never involved with music practically, he was always on the computer searching for all the latest and freshest music. He first became familiar with the art of mixing after jumping on the decks with his mates at house parties and never turned back.

After attending music festivals, live shows and being further influenced by electronic music Mitch bought his first DJ controller at the age of 17. Two years later he moved to Lismore to study at university and this party lifestyle presented many great opportunities to progress his skills as a DJ. He quickly built a strong reputation for his versatility and ability to create something out of nothing with his track selection and ability to work a crowd and the name Ovals was born.

In 2014 year everything started to head in the right direction landing a residency at the Lismore Uni Bar which included supporting Alison Wonderland. After an impressive performance at “Your Shot”, Ovals became more inspired and motivated to become a better DJ, technically and experience wise. He joined the Recharge DJ’s team to turn this passion of music into the thing he always dreamed of, getting people to dance and go wild on a regular basis and sharing the love of music.

Ovals specializes in melodic Big Room & Progressive House, Electro, House and Trap/Dubstep. His sets always consist of elements of these genres and also the latest Commercial hits and party anthems, as well as all those classics that never grow old. As an avid music lover he is familiar with almost all types of dance music. Ovals thrives on seeing a crowd go wild and will always give something for everyone, keeping them dancing and singing along to their favourite songs. “I love not only seeing people go crazy for a song they love, also being able to watch people have the same reaction for a song they barely know or have never heard is something special

Ovals is looking forward to giving everyone a night to remember!