Recharge DJ’s are proud to announce that we are now back at the Forest Lake Hotel permanently.

This is great news for the patrons who have already been stiring up a hype, and we have only been back there for 2 weeks. One patron said “My birthday party (at the hotel) was amazing,and the music and ppl were having a blast,best music ever,made my birthday memorable,thankyou tracey in red (sic)”.

Every Friday night from 9pm til 3am, we’ll be pumping out a mix of all of your favourites.

There’s no doubt that the patrons will be lighting up the dancefloor, throwing their hands in the air, and screaming out the lyrics as the crowd pleasing tunes just keep coming.

At the end of the nights we’ve played, there has been so many patrons saying “that was awesome”. We can only say that it must be because we are playing what THEY want to hear……


So get on down to the “Flake” every Friday night from 9pm for an amazing night out – that’s right, no need to head into the city any more!!