DJ Doug

At the age of 16, Doug discovered Trance music and instantly knew this was his direction. Doug first started getting into DJing when he was a mere 17, Studying music and music extension at school, he majored in music composition. He started up a monthly podcast when he was 17 and within a year, the show was on the internet radio platform BAM Radio. After leaving school, he, decided to learn more about it all by attending SAE institute. Doug successfully completed this with a Diploma in Sound Production and a certificate in Electronic Music Production.

He landed his first gig on the prestigious Gold Coast playing commercial electro in between a band. Instantly he was hooked. “I have always been a huge fan of electronic music, I first started listening to Hardstyle and Happy Hardcore.”

Winning a DJ competition in 2011 kicked of a commercial career for Doug. After working as a commercial DJ for 4 years and playing at the odd Trance night here and there, he set his sights on getting to London. The Trance scene there is huge!

He worked his butt off working two jobs to get over there. That’s when the big break happened. Within 6 months of being in the UK, Doug landed residencies playing banging Trance at Ministry of Sound, Egg Nightclub and Club 414. Over the next year and a half he had many gigs and was partying a lot.

Doug was always working on his composition and managed to score some “1 on 1” time with producer James Dymond. After 2 years he came home for the need to go to university to improve even further. In his free time, Doug produces and adds new episodes to his podcast – Dig Deep with Doug Brennan. After completing his degree, It’s back to the Trance DJ dream and to get back to London.

DJ Doug Brennan

DJ Doug
An international Trance specialist with versatility